Wednesday, July 12, 2006

President Bush and George Wallace...welllll a number of Politicos

President Bush, perhaps a very distant political cousin to George Wallace
by Cody L

President Bush demonstrated his moral integrity again today, by using a hot button social topic to steer people's attention away from the real issues that affect their day to day lives.

The President, is engaging in ridiculous bully pulpit politics that many on the left poo poo as pandering. But, the Gay community could suffer tangible trickle down effects in part because his rhetoric.

President Bush, like Alabama's infamous civil rights era Governor George Wallace, pays lip service to discrimination (and violence) by attempting to write exclusionary policy into the constitution. In the early 1960's, Wallace's inflamatory rhetoric, gave a rubber stamp of approval to violence that rocked my home state to the core. The Governor, like other Southern leaders, could use race to steer attention away from a sorry education system, tax inequity, the threats of organized labor, poverty and the potential for other ladders of opportunity in a region left behind. For political gain, Wallace fanned the flames of hate that resulted in a disturbing legacy he tried to alter til the day he died. President Bush is not far from the fire himself.

No matter how many millions of Americans support a ban on same sex marriage, the President has the moral obligation to be a leader, a "uniter not a divider". But hey, when did politicians ever listen to what is morally correct over votes. That's why we have those activist judges.

One wonders if years from now, President Bush will regret his unnecessary political game man ship, especially when this sort of pandering gives a subliminal greenlight to other forms of discrimination of gay people. George Wallace certainly did. Fortunately for Wallace, he was forgiven by many of his African American consituents, and went on to win that state's highest office a few more times.

But, perhaps a more pressing question....will George Bush ever be invited to a gay wedding? And if he is, what will he bring? Regret?

Reasonably minded, tax paying, God loving and law abiding citizens of the United States will hopefully see through this current sad charade. There is hope that each and every American man woman and child gay straight or asexual or what not, will feast their eyes of political engagement on issues that truly matter, like a war in Iraq that has cost over two thousand American lives, countless Iraqi civillians and the wrath and distrust of billions of world citizens. (just to mention one of the more obvious important subjects worthy of getting voters to polls)

Maybe we in New York can safely tisk tisk those in the middle while silently marveling at the President and his incredible talent to deceive large portions of the American people. After all, it is this President's knack for being shrill and smug like a playground bully who came from money, that fuels his success at further deepening the cultural divide. But, there is no mistaking the wave of sad realization sweeping the thinkers of the world, as they witness another American leader using discrimination as a tool for winning votes. Yes, it appears that President Bush has signed the "Family Research Council's" new "marriage protection plan"...A plan that wreaks of misguided principals and cheap fear mongering.

So, as a reaction, here's a proposed plan of action...

Perhaps it is time, that those who subscribe to reason, and not reaction, will start demanding nothing less than the same sort of attention to an issue that might change the fate of millions ordinary daily lives. This President gave attention to and served as spokesmodel for the the shrill forces on the Right Wing..much in the same way Wallace did when he blocked the Univeristy of Alabama's college admissions office in Tuscaloosa back in 1963. Perhaps reason based types should demand that a politician they identify with, propose universal health insurance or something attention grabbing along those lines....but, unlike the convenient topic gay marriage, Universal Health care legislation would fundamentally change millions of lives and involve spending money and lots of it....and it may prove unpopular since it would make one of the special privileges offered to the "working" (I'm better than you) married... health insurance for your spouse.
PLEASE NOTE rule required by the new FRC MARRIAGE PLAN ...available for politickin signing if you wanna win!

(One of the suggested guidelines in the new FRC marriage protection plan is that newly married married couples buy homes in fortified bunker style neighborhoods located on former farmland in tiny small towns turned mega-developments. These developements are located far outside the major urban centers where gays tend to congregate and form communities. Gays are allowed buying rights as long as they refer to themselves as bachelors or bachellorettes (roomates are okay). These highly heterosexually secure areas are only accessible by two hour drives in traffic that is usually identifiable by large numbers of SUV's, Hummers, women applying makeup on the way to work-while driving, bouncing children, fast food restaurants, and unbearable suburban physical sameness that screams of...poor planning.

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