Thursday, April 19, 2007


PBS FRONTLINE’S “Gangs of Iraq”, part of the network’s “America at a Crossroads” series, reveals in gripping detail the complicated turmoil and horror that defines much of what Iraq has become today. With remarkable honesty, meticulous detail and stunning imagery and sounds, questions are raised about an exit strategy dependent on the training of Iraqi security forces.

As the program’s website notes of the plan: “But despite a four-year training effort -- costing $15 billion and producing more than 300,000 Iraqi soldiers and national police -- the violence in Iraq has only intensified.”

Simply put, this is a very important window into the conflict in Iraq that all Americans should watch closely. Fortunately, one can watch the entire series online at the PBS.ORG website. Here’s a link below:

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Librocrat said...

You have to wonder what it is like in Iraq when the entire country is one big rebuilding effort - it's like a country of "the projects", complete with gangs, ghettos, racism, etc. I expect in like 30 years if Iraq manages to rebuild itself there will be a lot of rappers coming from there.