Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dots Are being Connected Regarding Matters/Individuals in Siegelman Case...

Scott Horton at Harpers ( 9.14.2007) look at the original prosecutor of Siegelman, US Attorney Leura Canary who says she recused herself because of the appearance of a conflict of interest. As Horton says,Mrs. Canary is in the crosshairs of the emerging investigation of the Siegelman case. Leaura Canary is the wife of William Canary, referred to by some as a legend in Republican circles an Alabama kingpin. According to Horton's reporting, in 1995, Mr. Canary and Karl Rove put together a strategy that would put G.O.P handpicked candidates in key appellate court races.....Fast forward to the ongoing investigation where Mrs. Canary says she recused herself from the Siegelman case after questions arose over impartiality in part due to her connections to powerful Republican operatives like Rove. For Horton's perspective to date click here for HARPERS.

Scott Horton at HARPER'S takes an in depth look at the "perjury matter" involving Alabama's Northern District (Republican) US District Attorney Alice Martin and its connection to the Siegelman prosecution.
From the 9.8.2007- HARPER'S: What was going on that caused OPR to deep-six the Martin perjury matter? Go back and check your calendar. This was one month before the commencement of the trial of Governor Siegelman. So maybe Justice was anxious not to do anything that would shake the boat of the Siegelman prosecution or more specifically rattle confidence in the federal prosecutors behind it. LINK TO FULL TEXT

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