Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lobbylicious "Confrontation" In South Carolina

During a Columbia SC media moment Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney took a few questions from members of the Press, including AP's Glenn Johnson. Things got a bit heated, when Lord Have Mercy, AP's Johnson challenged Romney on Lobbyist Ron Kaufman's alleged role in his Campaign. The video has lit up blog land, but the most telling moments, first, Romney campaign press rep Eric Ferhnstrom tells Johnson that he's being "unprofessional and argumentative" with a candidate, begging the question, are Reporters meant to confront candidates about this sort of thing? But, perhaps an even more brilliant moment is heard at the end of the video when a Romney supporter, in a lovely South Carolina accent tells Reporter Johnson "I think you're being rude and ugly." Campaign Season 08 is going to be a Firecracker 500!

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