Wednesday, July 23, 2008

CBS NEWS: Lining Up for free Dental Care (The Other America series)

Comment-Cody Lyon: Once again, CBS News holds up a mirror to the often cruel injustices that result from the way our nation's health care system operates. Albeit a dreadful experience for most, for millions, a trip to the dentist is out of reach, thanks to the fact that around one hundred million have no Dental insurance at all. Many have not seen a tooth doctor in years, among them, millions of children.

But, at the same time, CBS shows us as they did with the REMOTE AREA MEDICAL report, that America is also home to angels, like Bruce Bergstrom of AMERICA'S DENTISTS CARE. As reporter Seth Doane reveals, America's Dentists Care sets up free dental clinics across the nation for those lacking dental insurance. In the CBS report, we see a line of families already wrapped around a building at 5 a.m.

. Here is a link to CBS Evening News July 23 report, part of the network's "The Other America" series:

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