Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Nightmare Continues

President Bush did his best to salvage his legacy during his last State of the Union Speech Monday night, a legacy that will be defined primarily by two events, his response the events of September 11th 2001 and the invasion, and subsequent occupation of Iraq.

The President spent a large chunk of time pleading with the American people that the surge of American troops is working, that things are getting better and that history will show we’d done the right thing by invading the country and ridding it of Saddam Hussein.

“We must do the difficult work today, so that that years from now people will look back and say that this generation rose to the moment, prevailed in a tough fight, and left behind a more hopeful region and a safer America,” said President Bush during the State of the Union while speaking about Iraq.

But, some might say, the President was speaking to a nation that has turned a deaf ear to men who cry wolf. Unfortunately, they might also see a nation that’s turned a deaf ear to news from Iraq.

That’s due in great part to the media frenzy surrounding campaign primaries, certainly more fun news than stories from Baghdad, instead we hear about who crossed the line in a political attack, what groups will support who, who’s got the most money, and who struck a low blow on the trail today? All of that and so much more make for great tabloid headlines that are filled with all kinds of juicy human drama.

Then again, perhaps we are suffering from collective Iraq news fatigue which could be related to a frustrating lack of faith in our current, apparently along for the ride do nothing Congress, a body that seems to lack the courage to further challenge and air the current administration’s past sins. Those are the sins that continue to lead thousands of our sons, husbands, wives and daughters into a hideous mistake, a mistake that was based in large part, on lies.

Just a few days before the State of the Union, The Center for Public Integrity released a report that documented President Bush and seven top officials of his administration, made at least 935 false statements in the two years following September 11, 2001, about the threat posed by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

The Public Integrity report further noted “532 separate occasions, in speeches, briefings, interviews, testimony and the like” where “President Bush and three key officials along with Secretary of State Colin Powell, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz and White House Secretary Ari Fleischer and Scott McClellan, stated unequivocally that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, or intended to produce them, links to Al Queda or both.”

This is part of an upsetting tale of falsehoods that has led to years of sad, frustrating and heartbreaking reality.

The same Monday as the day of the State of the Union, news reports that five American soldiers were killed in an ambush near the northern Iraqi city Mosul showed up in newspapers and on a few television broadcasts.

As of Wednesday, January 23, 2008, at least 3,932 members of the U.S. Military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003 according to an Associated Press Count.

And of course, there’s the number of dead in Iraqis which is simply staggering

According to estimates from the World Health Organization, around 151,000 Iraqi’s died from violence in the first three years after the invasion began.

There are plenty of political junkies out there who are biting their nails and perhaps enjoying the dramatic and slip and slap antics of the campaign trail and the future it might lead to.

But, we are in Iraq now, and no one has offered a clear plan on how we’ll get out and no one is calling for some sort of national truth airing moment when we all admit, accept and conclusively know what went wrong when and where and why?

One thing is certain, there is no doubt, that this President does leave behind a legacy of deception and what seem to be misleading abuses of power that were clearly directed by individuals who saw the world through an arrogant, narrow and obviously naïve lens.

There was an almost sad undertone in President Bush’s last State of the Union Speech. In spite of an administration that has clearly bordered on inept and corrupt, the President himself, appears to be such an affable individual, someone that would be pleasant and personally charming. But, then the wall of damage his administration is responsible for rolls over your soul like a tidal wave of truth, and that truth is revealed through the horrors of Iraq.

No matter how its spun, Iraq has been a nightmare of death and carnage. Perhaps, that is why Americans had rather watch the Billary, Obama, John and John, Mitt and Mike and Rudy show.

But, while we doze, the nightmare continues.

Hopefully one of the cast of characters on the trail will someday wake us up.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Billary Road to Republican Victory (Frank Rich-New York Times)

Op-Ed Columnist
The Billary Road to Republican Victory
Published: January 27, 2008
Any Democrat who seriously thinks that Bill Clinton will fade away if Hillary wins the party nomination is a Democrat who, as the man said, believes in fairy tales.
Link to full text at "New York Times"

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Kenya's horror spreads (REUTERS)

Jan. 26 - Gunfire rang out in Nakuru as armed gangs manned roadblocks in the Kenyan town where at least 25 people have been killed in ethnic clashes.

Paramilitary police patrolled the Rift Valley provincial capital, which had previously been spared post-election chaos that has killed around 700 people since disputed Dec. 27 polls. More than 100 injured people were admitted at the local hospital, including one man with an arrow lodged in his head.

Sonia Legg reports.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

(New York Times) Foreclosures Prompt Cities to Make Plea for Aid

Foreclosures Prompt Cities to Make Plea for Aid
Published: January 24, 2008
Faced with the collapse of the subprime mortgage market that has pockmarked their cities with vacant houses, the nation’s mayors pleaded for a huge infusion of federal aid.

Monday, January 21, 2008

A Legacy of Inspiration and the Dream that Remains

by Cody Lyon
Dr. Martin Luther King's 'I Have a Dream' speech is without a doubt, one of the most important moments in United States history. King, whose voice thundered those historic words from the Lincoln Memorial in Washington some forty five years ago, was and still is, unmatched on the pedestal of moral leadership. King's legacy still inspires the collective quest for equality and liberty for all. Taking this day to honor and remember Dr. King's brave leadership, speaks well of us as a nation.

But sadly, for far to many, the dream goes unrealized, remaining just that, a dream. America is still a land filled with barriers where the ladders of economic and educational opportunity arrive at birth on the doorsteps of some, but remain seemingly light years away for others.

In today's America, the quest for justice, equality and liberty for all Americans is alive, but as recent headlines show, enforcement has been in a state of collective lethargy. This is certainly a trend that must change, because in the end, if justice and morality do not eventually win, history has shown, whatever that system is, corrodes and eventually collapses from within.

Dr. Martin Luther King's "I have a Dream" speech woke up a nation to the sins of a government tolerated system steeped in racism. Although today's inequality umbrella is perhaps less blatant and covers a more racially diverse pool of our people there is plenty of evidence that the dream, remains a dream, evidence available for all to see in our schools, neighborhoods, prisons, banking system, our tax structure, crime victims, our military, our media and even in our churches.

Dr. Martin Luther King's 'I Have a Dream Speech' inspired a movement and called a nation to examine its conscience. It is as inspiring today as it was some forty five years ago.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

On the Day We Celebrate the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, take time to learn about, and sign- and live, The Birmingham Pledge

From The Birmingham Pledge Website:In November 1997, inspired by the historic events in Birmingham during the civil rights movement, Birmingham attorney James E. Rotch composed a statement - - a personal commitment, to recognize the importance of every individual, regardless of race or color. This commitment became The Birmingham Pledge, a grassroots movement initiated and promoted by the Community Affairs Committee of Operation New Birmingham to eliminate prejudice in Birmingham and throughout the world . In the last five years, The Birmingham Pledge has worldwide recognition with tens of thousands of people signing this personal commitment. In January 2000 a Joint Resolution of Congress was passed recognizing The Birmingham Pledge and in 2001, President George W. Bush proclaimed September 14 through 21 as National Birmingham Pledge Week, encouraging all citizens to join him by renewing their commitments to fight racism and uphold equal justice and opportunity.
You can go to the Birmingham Pledge Website via this link. There you will find further insight, history and other information about the efforts.

Obama Speaks At Ebenezer Baptist Honoring MLK

(Excerpt)Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama speaks at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, where Martin Luther King, Jr. once served as co-pastor. (AP)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Meanwhile in Iraq-

Shi'ite fighters attack soldiers (REUTERS)

Jan 19 - Dozens killed as Iraqi soldiers and police fight running battles with gunmen from a Shi'ite cult in southern Iraqi cities.

Police said the head of the so-called "Soldiers of Heaven" cult in Basra had been killed in the fighting, which is reminiscent of clashes between the obscure group and Iraqi and U.S. forces a year ago.

Those battles near the holy Shi'ite city of Najaf left hundreds dead, mainly members of the cult. Penny Tweedie reports.

Lobbylicious "Confrontation" In South Carolina

During a Columbia SC media moment Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney took a few questions from members of the Press, including AP's Glenn Johnson. Things got a bit heated, when Lord Have Mercy, AP's Johnson challenged Romney on Lobbyist Ron Kaufman's alleged role in his Campaign. The video has lit up blog land, but the most telling moments, first, Romney campaign press rep Eric Ferhnstrom tells Johnson that he's being "unprofessional and argumentative" with a candidate, begging the question, are Reporters meant to confront candidates about this sort of thing? But, perhaps an even more brilliant moment is heard at the end of the video when a Romney supporter, in a lovely South Carolina accent tells Reporter Johnson "I think you're being rude and ugly." Campaign Season 08 is going to be a Firecracker 500!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Alabama Congressman who is State's Obama Chair Punts to the Preachers

A January 15, gathering of “like minded” suburban democrats in Birmingham Alabama on healthcare reform unintentionally became a point of contention for some local LGBT members who can point to potential veins of hypocrisy deep inside the regional realty of politics, signs of conflicts within the very fundament of proclaimed liberal idealistic thinking.

In truth, one Congressman’s statements exposed what might be seen as a disillusioning and ugly reality of American political life and perhaps the misguided faith in a system that continues to let many LGBT American citizens down.

Among those on a panel of speakers at the meeting of Birmingham’s “Over the Mountain” were Dr. Wally Retan, Dr. Max Michael, Terry Kellog, a VP at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama and the liberal, African American Congressman, Artur Davis (D-7th District)

In Birmingham, over the mountain is synonymous with suburban, wealthier and whiter than the Mother Ship city in the valley to the north.

According to a number of participants, after a number of questions, discussions and stated commitment to the compassionate ideal of Universal health care for all Americans, a question was posed to Terry Kellog, a VP at Blue Cross Blue Shield or BCBS.

Kellog was asked why BCBS still refuses to offer a product to any of its clients that extends health insurance benefits to the partners or children of the unmarried, primarily same sex couples.

With 3.6 million Alabama customers and 4000 employees, the company is the state’s largest insurer. .

Reportedly, Kellog offered a widely expected litany of economic and business related excuses, noting that Blue Cross in Alabama does not offer benefits to domestic partners, either heterosexual or homosexual, arguing that ultimately, BCBS of Alabama’s customers don’t want to pay the alleged costs for additional coverage.

Despite signs from a number of major insurers that this arguably discriminatory policy is changing, the fact is, that Alabama’s Blue Cross Blue Shield is not alone since a number of large insurers throughout the nation still offer no such extension to domestic partners.

But, as Danny Upton, Executive Director of Equality Alabama, the state’s largest LGBT civil rights organization later said, the excuse by Blue Cross Blue Shield is unacceptable, considering the fact that 78 percent of the Fortune 100 largest corporations and 49 percent of the Fortune 500 offered health benefits to employee’s domestic partners. Upton says Alabama’s Blue Cross Blue Shield has simply not kept pace with social and corporate trends and as a result, is losing its reputation as a leader, innovator and competitor in the changing Alabama health market.

But then, Alabama’s “liberal” Congressman, Artur Davis concurred with Kellog. adding, much to some of the crowd’s surprise, that the LGBT community should not look to Washington or Montgomery, the state’s capital, for any sort of pro-activity that might affect change at Alabama’s largest insurer.

He also said that discussion of this issue would be driven by the clergy, and in Alabama, that more than likely would mean, outspoken Preachers who do no approve of gay lifestyles.

The day after the “Over the Mountain” Democrat organization meeting, Birmingham blogs were abuzz with reaction. Those sympathetic to local LGBT causes saw the Congressman’s comments as further evidence that leadership is lacking where it pertains to the millions of LGBT Americans. Local activists saw Davis’ apparent acceptance of this apparent Alabama reality as proof that LGBT citizens are still considered second class citizens when it comes to some of the most basic elements of American life.

Davis’ advice to the Alabama LGBT community seemed to say that Washington did not have a say, that in the heart of Dixie, that Preachers had the pull with the congregation, and among this congregations members, were the insurance company decision makers, and that they would in fact, be the sole decision makers on whether or not, gay couples would ever see this sort of benefit offered as a product.

Further, the fact that there is a link between Alabama’s Congressman Davis, and the Democratic Presidential Candidate who has been most enthusiastically touted as an agent of change in Washington.

Congressman Artur Davis is the Alabama state chairman of Senator Barack Obama’s campaign for President. To some, Davis’ role as head of Obama’s campaign, begged the question as to whether or not Senator Obama might speak out against, or express disagreement with Davis’ assessment regarding exactly who has more influence over this exclusionary policy, which to some LGBT Alabamians appeared to be a punt by Washington to the preachers.

That fired up a few participants at the Birmingham meeting.

“It’s ridiculous that our alleged secular leaders would punt to un-elected religious clergy when it comes to an issue involving healthcare for all Americans” said Danny Upton, Executive Director at Equality Alabama, the state’s largest LGBT civil rights organization.

Still, in a phone conversation this past Tuesday evening, Artur Davis press spokesperson Corey Ealons affirmed the Congressman’s statements saying that the extension of domestic partner benefits by an insurance company is a community issue.

“The individuals who will more than likely drive the discussion on domestic partner insurance benefits will be the clergy” said Ealons.

Equality Alabama’s Upton, who participated in the Democratic meeting said that after Kellog had offered his company’s excuse and Davis had said the Preachers would be the folks who decided if and when the gays would get domestic partner benefits, he just got up and left.

Upton says he felt let down and betrayed by the Congressman’s statement, that the very idea of asking preachers, the people who have told you all your life, that your very essence is immoral and wrong, to advocate for domestic partner benefits for same sex partners, was absurd.

And with this, a greater question arises, who does, or more importantly, who will advocate for LGBT Americans when it comes to the real nuts and bolts issues that impact folks outside of the liberal more officially gay friendly bastions like New York or California .

It became more obvious that LGBT activists have been wasting time hammering Presidential candidates over the broad definition of marriage. That’s not to say that, a number of nuts and bolts issues on the ground have seen some slow but real progress, even in this era of Bush, tangible benefits and acceptance of LGBT people where real benefits have trickled down and fought for by gay people even in more supposedly “conservative” places like Alabama.

But, the unfortunate reality seems to be, with each state that passes a gay marriage ban amendment, now at twenty, same sex marriage looks increasingly like a reality for another gay generation.

That’s not to say that change is not on the horizon.

With outspoken leadership from up above, in Washington, leadership that advocates and lobbies business leaders, not only for domestic partner benefits, but also foreign citizen partner sponsorship, adoption rights, gay youth homeless, job discrimination, tax relief for same sex couples and a number of other real and tangible protections that provide gay people and their relationships with a much needed sense of legitimacy beyond what they watch on network television shows or read about in other countries.

The hope is that the Alabama Obama campaign chairman Davis’ shirking of leadership is not representative of the candidate for President. But the greater hope is that whomever wins among the Democratic Presidential Candidates, all who have all been marketing themselves as agents of change and progress, will take on the nuts and bolts realities of change for LGBT Americans, and once elected, take a stand, and not make the mistake that Congressman Davis made when he punted his position as a leader to the Preachers of Alabama and elsewhere.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Deadly blast in Beirut

Jan. 15 - Reports say the explosion happened near a U.S. diplomatic car in Beirut, leaving several people dead or wounded.

At least four people have been reported killed and some 16 others wounded in the explosion which happened in a Christian neighborhood of the Lebanese capital.

Paul Chapman reports.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

No Quick Fix to Economic Downturn (New York Times)

News Analysis- "New York Times"
No Quick Fix to Economic Downturn
Published: January 13, 2008
Many economists suggest that it may already be too late to change the course of the economy over the first half of the year.
Link to full story at "New York Times"

Body n Soul's Memory From Summer

As campaign season begins to show its fangs and as winter sets in, a memory is recalled...a story from last summer in NYC.


Although many New Yorkers grudgingly swear that more than half the
city’s residents are part of some loosely organized mass exodus to
a beach house on summer holiday weekends, those are actually the
weekends that the “left behind” can find the most memorable of New
York treats.

In fact, the non-jet ski set can sometimes find a dose of urban
spiritual nourishment that benefits the soul for months to come.

Not a religious experience, per se, but instead, a gathering of like
minded spirits, all very much alive, enjoying the fellowship of each
other, coming together for one reason, the music, at least that’s
what happened this past July 4th weekend.

The Body and Soul reunion party shook a collective booty to its core
at the PS-1 space in Queens, bringing together a cocktail of
cultures, families and sexual orientations that surely reminded
more than one participant that New York truly is a magnificent
mosaic as former Mayor David Dinkins once proclaimed.

Although Sunday afternoons at the Tribeca club Vinyl (later named
ARC) was the spot to meet the music on a weekly basis for many
years, the weekly Body and Soul party disbanded after facing
difficulty with the club space and other issues among the Djs and
organizers. But for one holiday weekend afternoon, Saturday from 3
til 9 was the time for church, as many of the party faithful liked
to call the Body and Soul experience, back in the day.

Djs Danny Krivit, Francois K and Joe Claussell did not disappoint a
crowd of thousands who had paid a ten dollar admission fee, and
another $6 each for ice cold draft beers that flowed far too easily
under a hot Queens sun in the concrete fortress of music at PS-1. The temperature kept getting hotter as a troubled nation moved another day closer to the 30 year anniversary of its highly celebrated bicentennial, a year that at least a third
of this party’s crowd, might actually remember.

A crowd wide chronic music infection was evidenced by smiles on faces
of every color of the human rainbow, every size on the scale, every
age from 3 to 65, all making moves to the beat of a different drum.
No judgment passed on who was cool and who was not, just pure
un-adulterated fun, joy, release and soul.

Occasionally, after a longer re-mix, or extended session people
would erupt into cheers and hollering this or that or whatever, it didn't matter as long as it felt good, real and true.

All the while, pulsing bodies poured in and out of the building at PS-1, moving among dancers on crowded steps that were crowned at the top with the DJ’s canopied booth. The sun gave everyone a glistening tone, some more than others, as sweat
flowed like a fountain, but, at this party, sweat was a badge of
success, a sign that you’d truly felt the light.

Speakers surrounded the main courtyard of the former school and
sound boomed against the old red brick walls rising up like a volcanic
eruption, only the lava was the sound, carried even further by
speakers in the back of the complex where others danced and played
in wading pools with their kids.

In its later years, Body and Soul saw pilgrimages by the curious
who’d heard about this place where the emphasis was on the music,
not the “scene.” Even European tourists began to make Body and
Soul part of the New York itinerary. According to those who’d
been, Sunday nights at Vinyl (ARC) were where one could still find
the real spirit of New York.

Certainly, like every nightclub party, there was rivalry,
differences, and any other number of shady events or normal human
interaction issues, but unlike most other dance club experiences,
Body and Soul was true to its name.

Martha Graham once said “I am absorbed in the magic of movement and
light. Movement never lies”.

Body and Soul did not lie to the participants left in the city this
past July 4th weekend. That day in Queens let everyone at PS-1 know
that movement is alive and well in New York City and New York is
still filled with magic.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

U.S. would have fired on Iran-(REUTERS)

Jan. 12 - The top United States military officer said he has no doubt the U.S. navy would have fired at Iranian patrol boats if necessary.

Navy Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the U.S. military's Joint Chiefs of Staff, said an incident where Iranian boats buzzed U.S. naval vessels in the Gulf showed the threat posed by Iran. Iran and the United States dispute the severity of the incident.

Andrew Potter reports.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Citigroup Seeking More Foreign Investment (New York Times)

Citigroup Seeking More Foreign Investment
Published: January 12, 2008
The financial giant is in talks to sell a stake to a Chinese bank and other investors, people briefed on the plan said.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

High Alert in Pakistan (REUTERS)

Jan 10 - A suicide blast in the Pakistani city of Lahore has killed more than 20 and injured 60 people.

The attack occurred outside the High Court in Lahore, and most of the dead were policemen, a city official said.

Puja Bharwani reports. (Reuters)

Bernanke hints at rate cut (REUTERS

Jan. 10 - Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke hinted at rate cuts to come saying "additional policy easing may be necessary."

At an economic forum in Washington DC, Bernanke said that he was concerned about what he sees on the economic horizon, citing. higher oil prices, lower stock values and a falling housing market all weighing on consumer spending.

Deborah Lutterbeck reports.(REUTERS)

Tom Brokaw Lectures Matthews and TV Media


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

More Troops Headed to Afghanistan (CBS NEWS)

David Martin Reports on new plan for the Forgotten War.
Link to Video Report

Gym Punditry Saying "Go Girl" To Hillary


On New Hampshire Primary Tuesday, at around 730 pm, the work out floor at the Lafayette Street Crunch Gym in New York City was crowded, as it often is that time of night. Chests being pressed, arms were being curled, squats were being squatted and the cardio area filled with exercise bikes, cross country ski machines and such were occupied by women and men, mostly accompanied by IPOD headphones, tuning out the grunts, groans and loud conversation around them.

This three level Crunch also provides patrons with several television screens some which face the busy cardio area, and include a variety of network selections, including on this night, CNN’s coverage of the unfolding events in New Hampshire.

While most of the cardio crowd listened to tunes, watched the screens or read US Weekly, a group of four gym political pundits, two on machines, two standing, discussed the election and analyzed the potential future strategy for the woman candidate. In serious, worried tones, three argued that Senator Clinton was the better equipped to bring serious nuts and bolts change to America and rescue it from the morose state of mind and sense of insecurity it finds itself mired in, thanks in great part to current White House policy.

While all four claimed to identify with Senator Barack Obama’s message of hope and change, the loyalty was obviously with Clinton. They worried aloud that Obama’s lack of experience and failure to articulate a clear and specific agenda were he to be elected. They agreed with President Bill Clinton, that Obama had received a free ride by the press, but, that Obama’s victory in Iowa was historic, moving and a hopeful sign that America was slowly overcoming its racist curse.

Still, each argued that the Clinton campaign, with its "safe" promotion of Clinton as an anchor of staid leadership, was until recently, stale and un-enthusiastic. Where was that "Don’t Stop Thinking about Tomorrow" energy of yesteryear that culminated on Election night 1992 when those young looking Clintons and the Gores waved to a crowd of change seekers in Little Rock?

The frustrating conclusion among the Crunch Gym Pundits was that Hillary hasn’t owned her womanhood, and effectively sold the novelty of her own historic moment to voters, a moment they say should be an asset that might actually fire up the un-decided, both male and female? They claimed the coverage of the tears was sexist and that in fact, even if she’d been acting as some had claimed (an actor was among the pundits), it was a brilliant campaign moment.

In short, Hillary has not publicly embraced her power as a woman and icon, who as a serious contender for the White House, could along the campaign trail could chip away at the inherent plague of sexism that still infects America’s culture and power structure.
Where is the "Sisters are doing it for themselves" attitude on the campaign trail, the "I am Woman, Hear Me Roar" sense of confidence and catchy nuance in her television ads? Sure, her record speaks for itself and is available for all to see in this lifetime public servant’s long resume, but this is marketing 101, and America’s attention span is, well, short, so put on the pumps and work the campaign runway Hillary.

Hillary Clinton’s love for country is as evident as her obvious dedication to change. It’s clear, she wants a future America where all Americans are provided with ladders of opportunity that raise the socio economic bar for every person living within our borders, male, female and every race and ethnicity as well as sexual orientation. She is also someone to be reckoned with, what some would say is a force of nature, who on the world stage, has the nuts and bolts knowledge necessary to deal with any world leader.

She just happens to be a woman, the gender by which the majority of us were raised by, nurtured by, influenced in a classroom by, disciplined by, fed and clothed by and for many still intimidated by.

Unfortunately, we live in a nation obsessed with sexist pop culture drama where daily details of disturbed Hollywood type breakdowns fill headlines and network executives make a buck through false tawdry reality television shows like "The Bachelor" that reinforce sub conscious stone age imagery of women, images that little girls every where see and think this is something to aspire to be.

That night at Crunch on Lafayette in New York City, the selection on the screens was not just the election returns in New Hampshire.

Perhaps the Clinton Campaign needs to step up to the political and cultural plate and display some necessary courage and market Hillary not only as a staid leader, but show some female swagger and in their own iconic way, confront America's female imagery and mind set, own it, overcome it, and own it again, and yes, change America. Hillary, come on and Go Girl.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


U.S. / Politics
Clinton Stuns Obama; McCain Wins (New York Times)
Published: January 8, 2008
Hillary Rodham Clinton’s victory was a surprising show of strength after her loss in Iowa. John McCain reprised his 2000 primary win, beating Mitt Romney.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Pakistan's President Musharraf Speaks (CBS NEWS)

Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf rejects claims that Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden is hiding inside Pakistan. Lara Logan's exclusive interview for "60 Minutes.
Link to Video

Saturday, January 05, 2008

BIRMINGHAM: With a Tortured Past, Bible Belt Locale, LGBT Leaders Make Progress

My story at EDGE

Bayless explained that a number of GLBT people as well as allies often assume a natural kinship with the civil rights movement. However, he says that is a mistake.

"The civil rights movement and the events of Birmingham were about dealing with racism," Bayless said. "African Americans were separated from whites in all eating, drinking, shopping, schools, even elevators here in Birmingham."

Bayless said its hard for whites to understand that many African Americans are still dealing with the fact that whites, through institutions based on racism, controlled their entire lives for over three hundred years in this country. He believes a more sensitive approach is necessary for any alliance between the two to work, particularly in Birmingham.