Monday, November 05, 2012

Report from Coney Island- what some residents impacted by Sandy say they need

On Monday November 5- some of the folks we worked with on the ground in Coney Island this past Sunday, volunteers Nadav Samin and Tamar Matza sent this report.

They say they asked supervisors at hyper-local relief sites what resident's most pressing needs were as far as items. Below you'll find the names and contact for supervisors running those sites as well as the items they say residents in the area- that's largely cut off from much of the city-say is most pressing.

Samin said he ask the following questions;

<1. What do you have too little of?>
2. What do you have too much of?
3. What are the plans for Tuesday and Wednesday?
4. What medicines do you need, if any?
5. Are there special needs for children?

At Keyspan Park
Contact: Susanne James (She works for the Mayor, with the Center for Economic Opportunity)
Phone Number: 718-702-3140

1. Food, diapers, blankets, socks, hats
2. Water
3. Tuesday we are trying to move the site from Keyspan Park (was unsure where to, this should be confirmed with Susanne James)
4. The health trucks on site were distributing medicine
5. Blankets

At the 23rd and Surf site
Contact: Shirley Atkins (Coordinator for Coney Island Houses, I think)
Phone Number: 718-864-4856

1. Toiletries, blankets, feminine products, canned food, baby food, baby diapers
2. Clothes
3. Tuesday will be here. Wednesday will probably not be here because of the storm.
4. We aren’t allowed to distribute medicine (Red Crodd truck was right out front)
5. Baby food, juices, soups.

at 33rd and Neptune
Contact: Ms. Carter (Resident coordinator for Dwyer and Gravesend Houses)
Phone Number: 347-350-4966

1. Blankets, coats, canned goods, batteries, diapers, smiliac, baby food, body washes (because no hot water)
2. Nothing
3. We’ll be here on Tuesday and Wednesday (the distribution center is set up right in the lobby of the building)
4. Tylenol, motrin, band aids, alcohol, alcohol pads

Samin said the volunteers also spent some time driving around the neighborhood informing residents that hot food was being served at 28th and Neptune. A group called Mercy Chefs is set up at that spot, and he said they will be there for a few days. Samin said they seemed very pleased to learn about this, which suggests that an important part of the work is just getting out into the neighborhood and letting people know about the resources that are available.

Previously- that Sunday.
Sunday evening-November 5, 2012-Just in from volunteer work on Coney Island. Thousands in the area were still without power, many in high-rise public housing structures. Even if power comes back-boilers in some structures are flooded, so there would likely not be heat. Residents say they need fresh fruit, h20, batteries- most especially, blankets. Throughout the area, on block after block, countless homes where the entire first floors are ruined. The flood line was upwards of five feet. Most automobiles parked in the area during the storm are ruined. Transportation is a challenge since the subway does not run to the area yet. There are bus lines that run sporadically from subway stop at Bayshore- on the D line- Clear need for more bus service. Did not see RED CROSS- all day. FEMA was there, NYC officials, were present. National Guard. Lots of volunteers.
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