Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Reason for Supporting Congestion Pricing In Manhattan.....Cycling

Regarding Reasons to Support Congestion Pricing...The battle between cyclists and automobiles...

Excerpt from my 2006 piece at OMNI

But, truth be told, there is a daily battle taking place on the streets of New York City between automobiles and bicycles.

Automobiles, whose weight is measured in tons and can reach speeds capable of triple digits, maintain the clear safety advantage over the pedaling human eggshells called cyclists.

Cyclists glide through streets on two wheels all the while dodging arrogant SUVs, cumbersome bullying buses and manic trucks on deadlines making deliveries to homes and businesses across the five boroughs.

Yellow Cabs race for fare-paying customers, phantom looking black sedans zip through lanes ignoring all around them, and lost or intoxicated commuters attempt to pass, cut in front of, or compete for parking in the chaotic, poorly policed traffic-choked streets of New York City.

In addition to the unpredictable cars, cyclists must be on the lookout for the thousands of Carries and Bills, who while frantically discussing the evening's plans or an earlier lunchtime meeting on their cell phone, tend to jaywalk, wandering aimlessly into a crosswalk or bike lane, disregarding traffic signals or worse yet, completely ignoring the moving human on the bike headed right for them.

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