Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cody Lyon is moving to Austin: a note to NYC and a farewell to boot

Dear Friends and Associates,

After a 84.99 years in NYC, this Birmingham, Shelby County Alabama native has landed a Real Estate reporter position in Austin Texas. So, he is up and moving to this progressive, economically viable oasis located right near Texas hill country. I'm excited about the challenges that await in the state capital, Austin. After all, this is a city that has always been on my mind as a place I'd consider living and working. Further, from what I can tell at this early hour, Austin is at something I'd call a crossroads when it comes to the direction of its growth and development over the coming years. I can think of no other beat to cover that's more exciting than the business of bricks and mortar as well as entrepreneurial spirit taking place within this town's real estate community.

But before I head down to the Austin City Limits, my friends and I are planning a get together (hopefully a bash for those that can stay late) for Tuesday 4/5 beginning at 8:30 lasting til, who knows when. Bring one, bring all.

The party basics: BEDLAM BAR is at 40 Avenue C between 3rd and 4th st in Manhattan's East Village on this next TUESDAY 4/5 beginning at 8:30

That said; since I love parties and sweet lullaby notes on my adventures, here's a little love to NYC;
Please spread the word because any real 'guest list' is to impossible to organize fully when one's moving, but, it should include all those I've worked with, for or even those I happened to say hello to more than once. The hundreds I met on a progressively more expensive bar crawl beginning in the early 90's at Holiday Cocktail lounge then on to other places along clubs, dances and events, all filled with kindred souls at places like Sound Factory, Tunnel, Pier Dances, Allegria,Body n Soul, Pyramid or maybe a house party or even in some field someplace upstate or in Nevada. Also, hope to see a rep from the hundreds I met while working on causes,campaigns or other volunteer events where we thought we could make the world a bit better. And of course, those like me, who came here from all across this big old world and found the survival money makers at NY treasures like Bright Food Shop where I might have served you a quesadilla or Tostada or some bar but still, along the way, grew close to co workers or made friends with customers, even if they happened to be a music legend, writer or movie star, maybe even Bill's Attorney General......over the years I made many a drink at various venues mostly on the east side where debauchery rained down from the sky and as NYC goes, I carved out homes in a village of buildings, some nice, some spooky, all mostly sharing NYC experiences with roomates or those special someones who through the grace of God, along the way, became and remained friends to this day.

To those I overcharged for obviously marked up expensive wine at Gemma, sorry, To the masses I checked coats for at Bedlam or Eastern Bloc, sorry for being disorganized, I was never good with fabric. To the fashion crowd I spent time with simply hanging out or while assisting my set designer friend, thanks for the window into that glamorous world, I never realized that clothing, something lots of people consider frivolous was one of New York's most vital economic engines producing more jobs and salary than steel mills in this country. And, more beautiful, I never realized fashion is truly a portrait of our moments, a reflection of our collective moods and that my friends, is power. I also hope that all those I learned with and from at Hunter College along with my comrades of truth and narratives as well as those prophets of fact checking who I had the privilege of learning from at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism can make it to my little gathering. This invite is also for anyone that I may have accidentally almost run over while on my bike getting from point A to B. Truth be told, I've secretly waged a personal campaign to make this town more bike friendly: a place where the most obvious, fastest way to move around in NYC does not require the burning of petrol and at the same time, makes us a healthier people. And, for those who I tossed a knowing (wink) look at, say at the eagle, the cock, Allegria, or even online or my most favorite, the pier perhaps on one hot summer Sunday, please come by next Tuesday. Those looks were always from an honest place of affection, a sincere interest in knowing who you were. To those who allowed that ' look' to go that just one step further, regardless of where things arrived, glad it happened, please be there.

Albeit less acknowledged than it should as far as its impact on the direction my life took from then on out..... for those I shared a tear, a hug or a cry; for those who like me changed after seeing, then smelling that putrid smoke of depression in those weeks after that event, a moment we never thought possible in 'our' own back yards, I hope you'll stop by. After all, it was that heartbreaking day and the months that followed when many were simply scared away; fortunately, as NYC's magnetic pull often commands, most of us were left here, and many of us processed and found comfort in the therapeutic power of detailed story telling about where we were that morning, that night and the days that followed 9/11. To you, I hope you'll come by.

But, closer to the ground of my current reality, if you've ever read, or been happy, interested or repulsed with my writing, reporting or opinions in a publication, blog letter or conversation, please stop by, I need you there. I've learned, much like a preacher telling the gospel, no matter what your beat is, Journalism in its purest non sensational form is a sacred tool that can inform people of facts that change the world we live in. Obviously, in this profit driven world, being pure can get tough, but, I will always try.

But...Enough of my rambling...the.point is, I love this city, it's in my soul. I can always come back. That said, it would be an understatement to say that this has been an 'eventful' year for me. I've known pain and loss that I never thought possible. I'm glad to be going away for what sounds like a fantastic journalistic career opportunity in a city that, Lord have Mercy has 300 days of sunshine and bike lanes because it's the peoples desire to have them there. There's rivers, lakes and for my reporting beat, stories of transformation, lots of real estate development activity, interesting politics and all that in a tradition filled with plenty of weirdness backed up by a kick butt economy that's been further driven by the spirit of innovation and an eye to the future. I'm excited.

And, with that note, I hope all of you that can, will stop by Tuesday night, that's this upcoming April 5 beginning at 8:30. Bring all your Austin advice, sources, story ideas and your love and best wishes because I need them!!!, I'm just a tad nervous!!!.....BEDLAM BAR Ave C bet 3-4 st ph 212-228-1049

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