Sunday, September 18, 2011

KUT Interview: Central Texas Wildfires leave thousands Displaced: Yet, Austin's rental market is tight; What's happening as a result?

In this week’s Austin Business Journal, Cody Lyon reports that thousands of residents displaced by wildfires may soon be flooding the already-tight Central Texas rental market.

“Not much rental housing has been built during the past two years due to the recession, leaving only about 4 percent of units vacant. That scarcity doesn’t bode well for the newly homeless. Many call the situation dire,” he reports.

Many residents will receive state and federal disaster aid. Agencies and even The Austin Board of Realtors are working with property owners to find available apartments and houses for short-term and longer rental.

Click on the player to hear KUT’s Emily Donahue’s interview with Lyon.

Link to radio interview at KUT

Story at ABJ

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