Thursday, January 10, 2013

Loving Your City in the Bike Lane

By Cody Lyon

Tonight myself and one other cyclist almost ran into a group of pedestrians who were saying goodbyes in the pedestrian section of a Midtown crosswalk. The traffic signal was seconds away from changing- from yellow to red- for cars and yes, bikes. Both cyclists made the stop- no one was hurt. But-with my bike-centric certitude adrenalin flowing, I yelled what must have sounded pretty bratty- GUYS!!! This rather debonair looking fellow turned to me and said, "the light's red, you should be ashamed." In truth- I think I was! As he walked up 8th ave with his other friend, he turned back and smiled. I smiled back.

There are times when citizens of our busy and super-driven city are consumed with getting from point A to B in the fastest way possible. Any added hurdle that delays that mission, human or otherwise is cause for dirty looks or even an outburst. But sometimes, an unplanned pause that may have triggered that all to common reaction leads to an even greater appreciation of this palace of smart urban planning where humans constantly encounter other humans- called New York. There's more to this city than energy, dreams and tall buildings- there are also amazing people. Not only did I smile back at the gentleman who had scolded me, I smiled because I knew this would only happen here in this place I love, in New York.

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